Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The day has come...

My Angel registered my little Tanner for KINDERGARTEN! Yes, you heard right...this little guy is starting school!!! I can't believe it!!!

It was just yesterday that he looked like this!

He's such a sweet little guy!!! I love hanging with him because he makes me laugh!!! He has a crazy scense of humor and I LOVE it!!!! LOL
Besides starting school, he's going to be starting t-ball!!
I can't wait to watch him play!! I'll be the crazy grandma cheering my baby on!!!!
I love you my not so little one!!!


Jennia Hart said...

I remember when she was pregnant... No way it has been 5 years! He is a cutie!

Gina Lideros said...

He is so adorable. It goes by so fast!