Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The best present ever!

So today I turned 40! I had planned to go out to lunch with my mom and do some shopping.
My plans changed.
Sierra did not feel good so I kept her home from school. She had a fever and got SICK!
She told me she wanted to take a shower and when she got out...I helped her get dressed and started drying her hair...out of no where she passed out!
I tried to get her up....and then took her straight to Urgent Care.
On the way...she almost passed out again. I carried her in and told them her condition(hereditary spherocytosis) and what happened and they immediately took her in. When they started taking her vitals she almost passed out again.
I called her Dr. and he showed up really quick! We feel blessed to have an amazing Dr.!!
They did blood work...had her hooked up to an IV. She was there for hours!
We honestly thought she was going to get admitted. I believe that all the prayers that were given on her behalf helped her get better really fast! The Dr. was amazed at the results of her tests. Normally when she gets sick like this...she ends up getting admitted and sent over to Stanford Hospital.
I am happy to say that she is at home in bed sleeping. She's not fully recovered but she's a lot better and I'm happy!!
I could not take a picture of her when she was WHITE as snow but did snap one of her when she started feeling a lot better. She was still pretty pale but looked a lot better!
She asked me to thank everyone that prayed for her!!

I feel so blessed to have this precious jewel as my daughter! I'm grateful to my Heavenly Father for all that he does for us and making sure that our prayers get answered.
I feel so lucky to have received the best gift ever today...and that is that she is well.
Hugs, Suzy


Lora Oliver said...

Big (((HUGS))) to you and Sierra!!! She truly is adorable, as her shirt says, and she is a trooper too! So glad she is home.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

poor baby... sending good vibes your way! get well really soon Sierra!

Gina Lideros said...

I am so glad that she is feeling better, what a wonderful birthday present. I spent my 30th birthday with Matt in the ER, I know how hard it is when your baby is sick. Hope that she continues to heal quickly.