Thursday, January 13, 2011

a seriously crazy sneak peak...SHIMMERZ!!!!

OMG!!!!! I am seriously going to pee my pants....really I am!!!! I got a box filled with the newest release of Shimmerz!!
I was so excited...I had to open the box that Paul brought me as I was going to the restroom to get a kleenex! (still have not blown my nose!).
So people....hold on to your pants...Shimmerz has two new products.
Coloringz and Shimmeringz!!!!!
The coloringz are full of beautiful colors that are super bold!! NO shimmerz in them.
The Shimmeringz you spray over them. They are full of shimmerz and it just enhances the color of the coloringz!!!
As I mentioned....I was in the bathroom ready to blow my nose and get excuse this crazy picture....pretend all my make up, curling iron, etc are in this picture. LOL I shot it with my cell phone!!!
The bottles at the left of the curling iron are the shimmeringz. The bottles to the right are the coloringz!

Check it out!!! look at how cool these colors look on the kleenex! LOL

You guys are going to love these!!! Stores....go to Shimmerz to order!!! You will definately want these!!!!!
Okay sorry the pictures are crazy and in my bathroom. I will take better pictures later. Gotta run!!!!
Suzy West


Wendy aka Bling Queen said...

You are so funny. I love it and I love those colors.

sarah said...

you know i'm getting that at OUR PAPER PLACE.


Gina Lideros said...

how fun! I want to come play with you!

One Creative Queen said...

Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em - and if a product looks good on Kleenex you know it's a winner! xx

Nikki Sivils said...

Great stuff here! TFS!!

Lois said...

ooh, these colors are SO pretty - love 'em!!!

Jenn K said...

WOW!! LOve the bright colors!! Thanks for the peek