Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beauty is all around me

I have been blessed with so much beauty around me lately!
Beautiful people, places, and things!!
The other day I was teaching a class and one of the words on the layout was beauty. I walked over to one of my students and she had the word spelled out on her arm. I loved the way it looked so randomly that I decided to snap a picture.

This is one of the layouts I taught in the class. I used Punky Sprouts, Glitz, Echo Park, Hero Arts, Epiphany Crafts, and Hambly.

This is another layout that in the class. I love Hambly Overlays. This is one of my favorites! I also used the new Shimmerz!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Thanks for looking!! Sorry the pictures are not so clear, I snapped them on my cell phone.

This is going to be a busy week as I finish all my assignments and kitting.
Hope I get to see many of you at CHA!!!
If not, keep checking in as I will be posting pictures of projects that I will have featured at the show.

Hugs, Suzy West


sarah said...

whose arm?! ;) ...and yes, you're surrounded by my beauty all the time, lol.



Maryam said...

Beauty all around me, not outside of my body...inside is beautiful and spiritual! Rity, Suz??? Whose arm was that???
Hey Sarah, miss you! Once I get the $$$ Friday, I will stop by and get more ribbons and that new item button! Hugs!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous layouts, keep em coming, and thanks for sharing.

Have fun at the show!