Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Freaking Awesome!

Sunday our family decided to get together and go to Fleet Week in San Francisco.
Since my dad opened up his new dental lab we haven't seen my parents as much as we are used to seeing them. My parents are so cute! They miss each other when they are not together so my mom goes to work with him.
I've been traveling a lot so we all needed time together.
The day was absolutely beautiful!!! 75 degrees in San Francisco is

I love this picture of us girls!!! Christian took the picture.
This is one of my favorite walls in Ghiradelli Square

We asked someone to take our picture. It's not great but that's okay.
I love the picture!!
My bigger babies!! Angel and Christian. They are so cute!!
Okay gotta say that I think my little Sierra is an amazing photographer. I asked her to take our picture and to please get a little bit of the background. She rocked this picture!!! I love how she put us on the side...focused...and then moved the camera over to capture the background as well!! I was wow'd when I saw the picture!
Our view during the air show!!
The blue Angels!! They were great!!
It was a freaking awesome day!!!


dorism6220 said...

Finally! Christian is smiling!!!