Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is me...

This is me...RAW!
I think everybody knows that I am an open book.
I am ME here, there, everywhere.
It's pretty scary but it's true.

I love these pictures of me...not because I'm hot or sexy...because really truly..
reality is...I'm getting old! LOL

Exhibit #1--the wrinkles
Check out all those wrinkles! You know what? I'm okay with them
The ones around my eyes just mean that I smile a lot!!
If that causes me to have even more wrinkles? So be it! LOL

I'm okay with having one of those "funny" faces. I have crazy features but it's okay.
I'm just me and there is no one else like me.

The real me is as clueless as can be! I say things that even make me wondering what the freak is going on in my head. LOL

The real me behaves like a child! I still watch cartoons with the kids and
could watch I-Carly all day long! My idea of a great trip is going to Disneyland!!

The real me LOVES to wear headbands! I wear one almost everyday!!
Secret: I even buy them at Gymboree and other fun kid places to find some that represent ME!

The real me is full of love for my friends and family.
I love knowing that they know that I would do anything for them.
You can call me or text me at ANY time of the day and night and I'll always answer for you!

The real me is full of flaws but I know I'm only human!
The people that are my REAL friends know that they could come and talk to me if they had a problem with them and we can just fix it and then it's all forgotten.

So yes...this is me. Take me or leave me.
YOU can always send me a text, email, or call me and it doesn't matter if we haven't talked in a day, week, year, or long. Either way...I'll always be here.

Hugs, Suzy West
Leave me a reply. I'd love to hear from ya!


Chilispice said...

Awwwwwesome post. Love you, Hon! You ARE always there for me. I hope I can reciprocate. :) xoxo the "other scrap queen 2010"

Satyn Blu said...

I love you girlie!!

Suzy West said...

Thanks Jenn!!! YOu know I love you girl and I know you are always there for me!!!!
Hey there Satyn!! Love you you sweet cutie pie!!!
I wish the best for both of you!!

Jamie Lane said...

Such fun photos! I love the one of you with your heart...perfect!

The Scrapbooking Queen said...

Suzy your crazy and fun and bueatiful don't do anything to change that... we all love your wrinkles too because you give us all such enjoyment...
The Scrapbooking Queen

Abby said...

What a fun post!!!!!! I enjoy reading all your FB posts!!

Keep them coming!!!

Denise said...

Great pics Suzy!!!!

Julia O Boo said...

Love it! Thanks for the opportunity to get to know you! Always fun hanging with someone who throws all pretense out the door. I'm a dork and say things without thinking all the time too. So just ignore me when my potty mouth kicks in, lol.

jo said...

Love you, Suzy!

Miss you LOTS! Really want to get together for lunch or dinner one of these days! And with Laurie too! :)


Veronica Hugger said...

OMG! There is NO ONE like YOU! You are so amazing and accomplished and awesome...and that's just the As!

You are the most open and honest and "out there" person I know. You rock!