Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wild and crazy!

My stomach still hurts over laughing so much on Friday! O.M.G!!!
These girls are so wild and crazy!! It's hard to keep up with them being the quiet one that I am.... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Okay so I'm wild and crazy....but so are these girls!!!
The two next to me right here...I laughed so hard that I couldn't even focus the picture...oh was because my arms are so short and I was trying to get us all in the photo. LOL
Usually I'm good at this but Sarah's lens was a 50mm and so I couldn't zoom in or out. LOL flash dance girl! LOL She loves water you know. LOL
Daniela...She's such a cutie patootie!
Love this shot of Gina and I! She's so funny!! Love this girl!
--loves some more!!!--
The four of us!!! Look at how cute part of Tricia's face is! LOL
Gina has the best chin ever! LOL fellow gleek!!! Love you girl!
Nikki--you rock woman!
The three amigos! guys have no idea how much fun we had!!! There's another group of "flash dance" pictures we have that are so funny....I almost pee'd my pants!!! Seriously!!
Can't wait to hang out with you guys again!
Suzy West


Julie Ann Shahin said...

So cute! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Did you fit any scrapbooking in? LOL

Tricia Wilson said...

It should be illegal to have as much fun as we do when we are together! lol