Monday, August 23, 2010

When Heavenly Father is by your side

I'm back from our vacation... scratch that... our adventure....scratch that....I'm going to call it our trip of miracles with the beautiful little soul on this planet.

I'd like to say that our cruise was 100% amazing but as you read might not sound like that. In the end you will know why I call it a trip full of miracles and why I say that my Heavenly Father has been by my side.

Sierra and I got to Long beach a "little" late but safe! We boarded the plane and it was taking a LONG time to take off. Why? Because the pilot "felt" like there was a problem, went down to look at the wheels, and saw that there was a huge nail in one of them. So while we were on the plane they came and completely changed the tire. Thank goodness he looked because our wheel could have been flat by the time we landed and it could have caused an accident.

It was a beautiful day in Long Beach and Sierra immediately jumped into the pool and played on the waterslide.
On our day in Mexico, Sierra was excited about ONE thing...riding the horses.
I had booked us an excursion to ride horses on a beautiful trail over looking the ocean. The scene was breath taking! She was thrilled when they told her she was going to be riding one named, Chihuahua. Everything was great!
After the ride we ate tacos and everyone went over to take pictures with the horses that they had tied up.

Here's where it goes bad. My stomach aches just thinking about it.
Everyone was taking turns taking pictures with the horses.
Notice the horse that Sierra is standing next too? Most people took pictures with him. Soon after, everyone starting taking pictures with the horse next to him. We'll just call him horse B.
We were getting ready to leave and started walking away. People were still around the horses. All of a sudden horse B kicked his leg back and even though Sierra wasn't very close. He got her right in the stomach. It immediately dropped her and knocked the wind out of her.
I was standing pretty close to her and yanked her away.
One of the helpers got her and picked her up. Sierra was still not able to breath. It seemed like forever but really it was just a few moments.
We ran over to the bus and rushed back to take her to the hospital.
They were really good with her and stayed with us until we left the hospital.
Here's where I KNOW that Heavenly Father is by our side and miracles happen.
The horse kicked her on right side and just a hair underneath her rib cage. If he had kicked her there it would have caused serious damage.
They were awesome with her in the hospital. They did an ultrasound to see that there was no damage and that there was no internal bleeding.
About an hour at the hospital she was actually feeling a ton better and was smiling when I would talk to her. I asked her if she was okay and what she was thinking and her eyes filled with tears, "mommy, my feelings are hurt because the horse kicked me and he's probably going to get in trouble and I really loved him!" It was nothing about pain, it was all emotional.
I told her she was lucky he didn't get her even harder and on her rib cage. She said, "Mommy it's because Heavenly father is by my side". He really was.

So I'd like to say that the story ends there, but it doesn't. As many of you know, Sierra was a condition called, Hereditary Spherocytosis. She has abnormal red blood cells and the white ones don't recognize them and kill them. The spleen also has a lot to do with this condition and if it's enlarged it can cause more problems and may have to be removed.
The technician came in and should have only checked the side that she was hurt but started checking everything. I noticed that he started spending more time on the opposite side...the side that her spleen in on. I asked him what was going on and he told me that he noticed her spleen was large. He said it was due to her HS and to take her in when we got back home.
This is another miracle. Even though it's not what I wanted to hear, it's good that we found out. In June they had checked her and her spleen was fine. Now just two months later, her spleen has grown and it could mean surgery for her. Not detected? It could mean a lot worse.

We left there with Sierra feeling soooo much better and back to herself. I was SHOCKED!
She wanted to go shopping and play.
I was worried but she promised me that she was okay.
So off we went. I told her we'd hang out for a bit and then we'd go back to the ship.
Sierra had the time of her life! That day she played, swam, went on a scavenger hunt with a group of kids, ate, etc. That night she Karaoke'd! She received an award! LOL
She was spoiled by the Carnival cruise dr.'s who called to check on her everyday. She came home with shirts, back packs, stuffed animals, and more!
So that's the story. My little Sierra is running around right now playing with her dogs and has told everyone how Heavenly Father is by her side and how much fun she had. Best part? When she put her forehead next to mine so she was looking at me eye to eye and said, "mommy, I love you. I had the best time of my life".
Thanks for letting me share my trip of miracles with you!!
Suzy West


Deb Williams said...

thanks for sharing that awesome story!!!!

Mel said...
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Mel said...

OH my goodness how scary for you! Glad today is finding her feeling better.

Lisa (aka Leezy) said...

Glad she is doing well. You know that saying, " Things happen for a reason" Well its true for this case. God is good Suzy and is definitely watching over your family!

How preciouse the memories will be for her!! Awesome!

Sherry said...

Wow, what an adventure! So glad she's okay. :)

Suzy West said...

Thanks guys!!! We feel truly blessed that everything is okay!

Chilispice said...

I think this is one of your best posts ever, Suzy! Fantastic to hear how much Sierra has come to know Him and that she is safe and well.

Lori Allred said...

That's amazing and I so appreciate you sharing the story. How sweet that she was worried about the horse getting in trouble!! My daughter was bit on the face by a dog at about 3 years old, we were sure she'd hate dog forever after that (especially the bad dog) but she said that she still loved dogs! Aren't kids amazing!! And how blessed you all ended up!!

sarah said...

i LOVE sierra!!! thank goodness she is okay. :) i'm hoping she's back to playing with her squeakies?! squankies?! haha.

anyway, hope all is well with her HS. keep me posted.

glad that even with these incidents, you two had a great time.


Kas said...

OH MY WORD!!! My heart is beating fast just reading it. I know that I had a totally unrelated health thing catch something MUCH more serious once. Things happen for a reason. Glad you are all okay.

Audra said...

What a crazy trip!! I'm glad to hear that everything turned out well in the end!! She is so adorable!! :)

Gina L. said...

Wow...I'm so glad that you are both home safe and that Sierra is feeling better. It's amazing how resilient kids are and to see how she was more worried about the fate of the horse for hurting her. That's the true beauty of faith. You will both be in my prayers tonight. Take care.

Michelle said...

WOw, Im glad that Sierra is quite the trooper. Im relieved that she's alright and that the workers were so quick to react. Love you a lotta!

Suzy West said...

thanks guys! We feel so blessed that she's okay. Seriously, just went to her room and kissed her little face. We love her so much!! said...

God is very good!

ellen s. said...

that is so crazy! i am glad she is okay. phew

Diana Fisher said...

Wow, I can't believe that! What an amazing trip of miracles!

Suzy West said...

Thanks guys!!!!
Just some 411: Sierra is doing really good!! She went in to the see the dr. and everything looks perfect!!! YAY!!!
Thank you for everything!!!