Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So excited about our cruise!!

A couple of weeks ago Sierra asked me if we could stay at a hotel. I asked her what for and she said she just wanted to stay the night at a hotel. I was really busy that day so I just quickly booked us a night at one of my favorites close by. LOL
Later on that evening it dawned on me that she wanted to go on another trip so I went on line to look for some last minute deals. Well...I didn't see any last minute deals but as I was looking, I glanced over and saw this picture...a ship!
I went a little nuts and just booked us a trip there and then.
I LOVE cruises and couldn't wait to tell Sierra about it!
When I showed her the ship she almost pee'd her pants! She was so thrilled!!
We leave in less than two weeks.
We are going mini golfing on the ship
and playing in the pool
We are booking our excursions. She picked horseback riding and Kayaking.
She's also going to be spending some time in the kids section while I go get a massage! LOL
I can't wait to spend quality time with just her. No cell phones or computers!
Hugs, Suzy West


Melissa Elsner said...

Oh my gosh how fun!!!! Someday I will go on a cruise!

ashjoy said...

That is awesome! We just went on a Carnival Cruise in Map. We go every other year. You will have a blast!

Andrea Amu said...

And how cool that you get to mini golf on there! Cool!

Sherry said...

What a fabulous surprise!!!!

Suzy West said...

Thanks guys!!! We are so excited!!!!