Tuesday, August 24, 2010

reality hits

This morning it hit me at how the kids are really truly getting older.
There's no more words like "potty" or baby talking. LOL

Sierra will be going into the fourth grade in just another week and I still can't believe it.
She doesn't want pig tails anymore and gets embarrassed now if I say "daddY" or "mommY" in front of people. I also have been asked to not dance, sing, and act too silly in front of her friends.

This one scares me more! Not because he does bad things...because honestly, he's been my easiest kid. He's not a trouble maker. He calls me for everything and I have to tell HIM to get out of the house sometimes to hang out with friends.
He's going to be an "adult" in less than 2 years and still says he's not ready to date.
This last sentence scares me the most...not the dating part...but the fact that he's going to be an adult. I told him that I wanted to have another one of our talks...(those scares him). LOL
(picture he took of himself for facebook. LOL)
I know I'm not alone on this. I know there are some of you out there freaking at the fact that your kids are getting older. The thought of having another adult in less than 2 years is scarier to me than the fact that I'll be turning 35! (coughcoughFORTYcoughcough)
So what are your thoughts? Who's going through the same thing?
Who has kids starting kindergarten and can't believe it?
who has someone starting high school or college?
Who's kid is engaged?

Can you believe it? Our kids are getting big and there's no way of stopping this.


Julia O Boo said...

my son just started his Junior year. He will be 17 in December and that means in 15 months he will be considered an adult??? Nah he won't be, he's a boy and my boys take extra time to mature, lol. He is very shy so he's not dating yet either. I am completely ok with that. Remember when my older son got his first broken heart. We were just discussing him possibly getting a job and he freaked out at the thought of having to speak to people face to face. He needs a help desk job where he talks over the computer headset like his games, hahaha. I just turned 40 and less than a month after my 45th ALL my kids will be 18 or older, now that really scares me!! But kinds exciting too I guess.

Julia O Boo said...

oops I meant I remember when...

Suzy West said...

Wow Julia! We have similar stories!! My son is the same way. He's a total late bloomer. LOL
He's slowly coming out of his shell. LOL

ellen s. said...

oh gosh i know what you mean! i just posted over at FTLOA that owen asked me not to kiss him in front of his friends anymore and he is only 7!

Suzy West said...

LOL, Ellen--isn't it funny how they get embarrassed so easily? LOL

mary said...
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Julie Ann Shahin said...

I can only relate as an aunt and the first of the young ones is going off to college. To think of all the wild stuff I did in college!!!!! :) LOL

I come over here to thank you for the blog love at FTLOA on the trend watch post!!!!! Made me smile!!!! YOU Rock!!!! xoxo

Rebecca said...

My oldest started K this year (yikes) and my baby started preschool. Every step which takes them further out of my control stresses me out. Not because I dont trust them, just because the world can be such a tough place and I worry so much. Different phase for mine, but I totally know what you mean.