Monday, August 30, 2010

Life is too

I was driving home today from running an errand. I had the music booming to my GLEE soundtrack and was thinking about how lucky I was to have such a beautiful family. Even though I probably looked like a dork, I knew I had a huge smile on my face.
I looked to my left and noticed the driving had a huge frown on his face. I looked to my right and that driver looked more upset than the one to my left.
It made me sad to think that we have only one life to live...and it's a pretty short so,
why waste it frowning?
while I'm on this beautiful earth, I want to try to be as happy as possible.
At church Sunday, one of the speakers spoke about smiling. He was saying how much he loved to smile and that he tried to give a smile to everyone. I thought that was awesome!!!
Thinking of that...I turned to the my left again...and the driver looked at me...I smiled at him...and even though he had been frowning...he smiled back at me. I then turned to my right and smiled at the lady...she looked a little confused...and probably thought I was on something...but she gave me a smile.
It made me feel good to see those people smile. I am sure I will probably never see them again...I probably didn't make what was bugging them a whole lot better...but for a brief second, they smiled and that made me happy!!

I'd like to give you a challenge...and I hope you take me up on this.
this even more than you normally smile.
I bet that if you take this challenge...your days will be brighter and that you'll notice more people smiling around you!!

Have a wonderful day!!!!
Suzy West


Chilispice said...

Ok. This challenge I can do. Awesome post, girlie. It's a great reminder.

Scrapamum said...

Fab challenge Suzy! I am on it!!!

Sharon F. said...

love it...I like to play this game to see if I can get others to smile and then watch to see if they smile at the next person. It does change your mood to recognize that we are all on this Planet together and not alone really. Life is good.

ashjoy said...

Sending smiles all around!

Jamie Lane said...
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Jamie Lane said...

I am a huge believer about 'spread the smile'! They really are contagious.

Lizz said...

I've been making everyone in my office smile today by showing them this video of Max:
I challenge you not to smile while watching it! :)

moredayslikethisplease said...

Smiling like crazy! The kids are in school again and I'm back to volunteering and I just can't wipe this grin off my face! Routine makes me happy!

Diana said...

it's all about sharing the love; smile and even saying hello will brighten someones day!

Suzy West said...

So glad you like this challenge!!! YAY!!!!

Lizz that video of Max is awesome!! SpatulAHHHH! LOL

Lynn said...

bwahahaha! i always liked the saying. smile. it makes people wonder what you're up to.

Gina L. said...

What a great challenge! I love smiling at strangers because it usually catches them off guard and they can't help but smile back!
Here's to more smiles in this crazy world!

JessiW said...

This is perfect!! Will do...such an easy challenge for me:):)

Suzy West said...

so glad you guys are taking this challenge! you all rock!!

ellen s. said...

so fun suzy!