Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The other night Tricia and I went to Scrapbook Territory to "scrap!"
While "scrapping" we took a break because Tricia wanted to show off her "flashdance" moves! LOL As we know H20 is involved so we got the water out.
It was supposed to go straight up in the air but "gravity" made it go towards her and...well...she had her flashdance moment!! LOL

notice...the bottle is straight up...and not towards her! LOL

We all DIED laughing after!!!! LOL
Thanks Sarah for capturing the moment! LOL


sarah said...

haha! crazy freaks. :)

too funny. SNORT.


Amy said...

lol looks like some good crazy times!!

Tricia Wilson said...

I blame you, not "gravity"! lol

Renee Lamb said...

Hilarious!! that's awesome!