Friday, August 13, 2010

Beautiful inside and out

This morning we all went over to my parents house to eat and hang out. Angel looked so cute I had to take pictures!! I took out my camera and did a quick photo shoot!

Every time I'd look at her through the camera, I was just wow'd at how beautiful she is.
I love this gal! She's not only beautiful on the outside, she's beautiful on the inside too!
I'm proud to be her mom and honestly....she and my mom are my best friends!
Even though she wakes me up every morning, I look forward to my phone calls.
I love that we laugh at everything and that she's as crazy as I am. LOL
Tonight...I'm so excited that the two of us are going to get our scrap on! It's going to be awesome!!


Mamarazzi said...

Gorgeous Girl!! Guess that toy really worked out well for her! The smile is all over her face! :) lol Muah! Great photographs!! Very beautiful daughter...looks like her mommy.

Suzy West said...

LOL, you funny girlie!!