Wednesday, July 14, 2010

unforgettable week!!!

I went over to my parents last week and my dad was telling Angel and I how every morning he opens the front door and stretches his hands up to the heavens and says, "thank you Heavenly Father for my life!" He's such a grateful person with an amazing spirit! Even though I knew he did that, to have him say it and to see the expression of gratitude and love in his face made me think of how I need to tell my Heavenly Father how grateful I am for MY life!!!
He has blessed me so much!!! It's amazing how he puts the perfect situations and people in my life!!
When I was going over the calendar and my writings of last week I was thinking how grateful I am for my kids!

Last week my little Sierra decided she wanted to really learn how to ride a bike. She didn't want to take off the training wheels on her previous bikes due to fear of hurting herself. She has hereditary spherocytosis and when she hurts herself it's amazing how any small wound affects her. Well last week she didn't care.
To see the smile on her face when she learned how to ride on her own made me feel so happy and proud!!! She was amazing!!!

On Saturday Angel and I drove to Brentwood for the grand opening of an amazing store!!
I had asked Angel to do a demo for Punky Sprouts. She did such a great job!!!
It made me think of all her accomplishments and I felt so good inside!!
She's so cool!!!

My Jeremy turned 16 last week!! I can't believe how big he's gotten!!!
I was just thinking of when he was little and I'd pick him up from school, he's have this big smile on his face when he'd see me.
The other day I came home and he was sitting on my computer doing something.
I walked over to him, put my hand on his shoulder, and said hello.
He said, "hi mom" turned his head, and he kissed my hand.
I felt so lucky to be his mom!!! I gave him a big huge hug!

Thank you Heavenly Father for the beautiful blessings you have given me!!!
Suzy West


Amy said...

sounds like you had a wonderful week for sure!! Happy birthday to ur boy!