Thursday, July 08, 2010

Meet Gravy!!!

Today we went to the puppy store to see the puppy that ANGEL wanted to get, (Notice how Angel's name is all in caps) LOL. well Eddy, the owner asked us if we wanted a free puppy!! Why? because he was four months old and he was "too old!" No one wants to buy a puppy when they are old! He felt bad that nobody wanted him.
So Paul said we could take him home as a TRIAL to see how we do with him. If it doesn't work out we can take him back or find him a home.
Christian said we should call him Gravy. That name is perfect for him!!
He's so tiny!!! He's even smaller than Biscuit!

Here's Gravy after Jeremy gave him a bath! LOL

This is Biscuit in case you haven't seen pictures of him. He's so sweet! He's going nuts over Gravy! Won't leave him alone!

Sierra is so excited to have both Biscuit and Gravy!
I have a feeling that the two dogs are going to be good friends!


sarah said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! i need to bring over maui and hilo... except that might be crazy wild! haha. ;)


amytangerine said...

that photo in the bathtub is hilarious! LOVE

Julie Ann Shahin said... precious!!! they are both adorable! and the names are too cute!

ashjoy said...