Tuesday, July 06, 2010

4th of July weekend

Every 4th of July we celebrate our little hearts out!
This year we started on Saturday, July 3rd. We attended the Brookvale ward picnic. It was a lot of fun!!!
There was music, food, pie and watermelon eating contests, we flew our homemade 2 liter bottle rockets, volleyball, and more! The whole family had a blast!!

Love this picture of Angel and her family
Papa with Sierra and Tanner getting ready to fly their rocket
Christian during the pie eating contest
Sierra got an award for her rocket
On Sunday July 4th (Sierra's actual birthday)
We started the morning with a yummy breakfast! Notice how there is only one real nice place setting. Only the birthday person gets all the fancy stuff. Everyone else eats with paper plates, paper cups, and your lucky if you get your food served to you. LOL
Sierra loved it!
After church we went to the grandparents house to celebrate!!
We made cupcakes, ate yummy food, and acted crazy! LOL
Sierra loves decorating cupcakes
The cupcakes were dripping frosting and sprinkles! LOL
Sierra was thrilled to turn 9!!
Proof that I was actually there! LOL
take a look at Angel's face in the back! She was getting ready to shove Sierra' face into her cupcake!
I made her brother get her back! LOL
He got her good!!!
Later on that evening we went to Carla and Satyn's house
Check out Carla and Carlos!! They rocked the BBQ!!
lots of grubbin' food!!!
The girls
more of the crazies
You'd think they were good friends or something. LOL
That night was a blast!!! There were enough fireworks for the whole country! LOL
At first all the kids could play with the sparklers.
Later on the older kids/adults popped all the fireworks.
There were some amazing fireworks!

We had an amazing time!!! Sierra was a very happy girl!!!
Can't wait til' next year!!!


Satyn Blu said...

Angel and I... Friends?? Hahahah... I didnt know you were so funny!!
Love you guys!!