Sunday, June 06, 2010


Just got back from one of the most fun and HOT experiences of my life!!! LOL
The hot part? Let's see....100 degrees by 5am? Holy moly!!!! Shelly, Sarah, and I were dying from this crazy heat!!! When we weren't, we were LAUGHING and being CRAZY and having an amazing good time!!!!! Seriously, we think we should write a book. LOL

The three of us had a great time at the Great American Scrapbook Convention.
We met a lot of wonderful people!!! Not just Texans...scrappers came from all over the world!!

I was asked to teach and I had a blast doing it! While I was there I was also asked to MC the crop nights that took place in the evening!!! Wasn't expecting to do that, LOL, but I had a blast!!!! Thank you to all the HUNDREDS of woman that attended and made my experience so wonderful!!!

Here are some pics from our trip!

Shelly and I with Amy!!! She's on our Paper Tree House design team!!!
My two "bosses". LOL Shelly from Punky Sprouts and Stephanie from Bella Blvd.
Love you girls!!!!
Stephanie and I. She took my class at GASC!
One of the pictures I took of one of my classes. Sorry for those that left and didn't get to be in the picture. I totally forgot to take pictures. LOL
Can't wait til' next year!! It's going to be a blast!
Hugs, Suzy West


JessiW said...

Looks like a great time:) Wonderful pics!

sarah said...

haha! crazy girl! :)

so it's night time... and guess what?! there aren't any gross bugs flying all over the place. wahooooooooo! haha.

off to rest!

Anonymous said...

Sure looks like a fun time was had - so when are you plaining on teaching in Iceland? ;o)

Lora Oliver said...

You make everything you are involved in that much more fun, even in melting heat!!! I am sure if you were at the North Pole, you would make it a blast too! Despite the polar bears and parkas. ;P