Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Turning 9

It's hard to believe that this little beauty is going to be 9 this Sunday!!
We will not only be celebrating Independence day...we'll be celebrating her special day!
I was in the car with her today and I told her how beautiful she was.
She says, "mommy why do you look at me like that when you say that?"
I asked her what I looked like and she replied, "you look at me like I'm the only one in the world right now". I thought about it and I must have looked like that because that's the way I felt when I looked at her sweet face. I love her so much!! She's so special!!

Let me tell you some things about this girl right here.

She finds the beauty in everything around. (she gets that from my dad)

She loves her family and puts everyone first. (she gets that from my mom)

She loves stuffed animals because she's sweet. (like her sister)
she's well rounded. Doesn't care about color, size, or if your a boy or girl. She'll play with everyone. (she gets that from her brother)
She is crafty. (she gets that from me)
Likes to save her money and wants to know the return policy to everything(she gets that from her dad)
She see's the good in everyone and loves her Heavenly Father.
She can't wait to be 12 so she can go into the young woman program at church.

Wants to study hard so she can go to college and learn as much as she can!
Thinks Justin Beamer is cute but can't believe he shaved off his hair!

She wants to have two kids when she gets married. One boy who she wants to name Dillon. One girl who she will name Katrina. Why? Because she likes those names.

Only reads non-fiction books. She loves to study about the earth, the planets, plants,
states, animals, and crystals.
Considers herself to be an adventurer and a "animal whisperer". LOL
Thinks everyone should be nice to one another and gets her feelings hurt if your not.
Sometimes gets annoyed with her nephew Tanner but admitted to me today
that she can't wait til' he goes to Kindergarten because she wants to be the one
to pick him up from his class. Why I asked? "because it's always been my dream to".
Heavenly Father has blessed me with this little soul and I pray that I can be the mommy she needs me to be, to help her grow up to be the Young woman that she wants to be.
I love you baby girl!


JessiW said...

She is beautiful and this post is beautiful!! I love it...Tell her I said Happy Birthday!!!

ashjoy said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl. So glad she notices how special she is!

GottaScrapChick said...

She is the SWEETEST Spunky Sprout on earth! Love the pics....tell her to come visit me asap!

Mel said...

Beautiful post for a very beautiful little girl! Happy Birthday to her:)

theelfqueen said...

She's beautiful and your post is a great tribute to her!