Thursday, June 10, 2010

Proud to be these boys JAM-MA!

When I was young, I thought grandma's were these sweet little old ladies that sewed stuff for you and made you eat liver if you were sick.
That's probably because mine was like that. She was so adorable!!

ME? Not so much!! LOL
Let's see...when my grandkids grow up I want them to remember me as a wild and crazy one that was more than happy to have water fights with them in the kitchen, get down on the floor and play cars with them, put them on my shoulders, bring them yummy stuff instead of just the "healthy" stuff.
I love my boys!! They bring me so much happiness!!
Their little faces make me smile the second I see them!

I love my Tanner's crazy hair! It covers half his face and when he see's me, he is so happy!!!
I love the way that my little Tristan points to everything with a serious look. I love that even though he can't speak yet, I know exactly what he wants!

I love that they know that they can come over and get crazy with grandma!!
This grandma wears pig tails and snorts when she laughs!!

I love that I'm their Jam-ma!


Jamie Lane said...

They are adorable! I know my grandma never let me play in the sink! :) Those are the little moments they will always remember!

JessiW said...

THey are so cute! And yes, that's the way all grandma's should be! I am very lucky b/c the kids NANA and MawMaw are both very willing to play with the kids and have fun:) Great pictures!!

Lacey said...

OMG They are so super cute!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Those boys are simply adorable! You know you are exactly the kind of grandma I would want and hopefully will be someday!

Anonymous said...

Thsoe lil guys are adorable and I am certain they know how much you love them!

Luv the pics!