Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pictures that make me happy!!!

This last week has been a very busy one for me! It's been filled with lots of events and deadlines. Even though I'm exhausted because it's been non-stop, I have to say that each experience has been wonderful.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to my grandson's spring recital. Even though he didn't perform due to stage fright, we had such a great time and after the recital we all hung out.
My parents LOVE pictures so I asked them if they wanted some pictures taken. They were happy to pose for me!! They are so cute!!! Here are some of my favorites

BEFORE the recital...Sierra and I made posters!!!
As you all know, I am a PROUD jam-ma!
It didn't matter to me that Tanner didn't get on stage, I was going to be there for him period!
Afterwards, we congratulated him...he's so cute!
Isn't he just the cutest??? I just love this little guy!

On Friday, we celebrated Sierra's KIDS party!! We do this every year. Even though her birthday isn't until the 4th of July, it's really hard to get the little friends over then so we celebrate her kids party in June before school ends. Sierra was so happy to have her friends over. We went to Color me Mine. She had a blast!!!! After the party all the kids came over to play. It wasn't planned. I had a huge crop to go too, so Paul had the pleasure of watching them. LOL
I came home and he was ZONKED on the couch! LOL

I have a lot of fun things going on. I've been on the go every day but I know when it's all done, it will all be worth it!!! So keep in touch!!!!
Suzy West


Jenn K said...

What fantastic pictures and Fun!!

Brianne N. said...

LOVE the pictures of your parents! They look like amazing people. You can feel the warmth coming from them. SO glad Sierra is feeling better! Had us worried there for a bit.

JessiW said...

YOu are one busy lady!! I love those pics!! All of them are great:)