Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Great things are happening, CHA and more!

CHA is just around the corner and great things are happening!!
I'm going to be teaching the Bella Blvd./Punky Sprouts class on Tuesday, July 27th. It's going to be really awesome! We'll be creating a really fun mixed medium project and playing with all kinds of fun products!

I'll be teaching my new books for the first time at Creative Cuts and Crafts in Chicago!! So make sure to sign up when the classes go up! They will take place BEFORE the show!

Tomorrow I get to play with the products that I designed!

I'm working on the NAMES! I have been thinking about them a lot! Shelly has too. She knows me very well and has come up with some good ones.

I was looking at this picture and was thinking...what name would fit great in here?

It needs to be something personal or something that represents me well. The word crazy keeps coming to mind but I don't think that would work well. LOL

Anyways, I look forward to seeing those going there!!!

Sign up for my class, because we are going to have fun!!!


Suzy West


Brianne N. said...

SO excited for you!!! You are an amazing lady and will produce nothing but outstanding things! What about the word, "BLOOMIMG!"

ashjoy said...

Very cool, wish I could sign up for a class. You should ustream them for those of us that cant' be there. Even if you do it after the fact. Would love to see a recap of what you did, and what's at CHA and anything else you would like to share. LOL

Sue said...

That's exciting!! I'm sure you'll be a huge success :)

ellen s. said...

oh that is so cool! congrats!

Anonymous said...

Very cool and ohh so exciting!

How about the word "Energetic"!

Lora Oliver said...

When I think of you, I think of the words, "glowing" and "warm" because you are both.

Andrea Amu said...

Fun stuff! I'd love to be able to take a class... one day perhaps I'll make it to CHA!