Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A special day with my special girl!

The other day Sierra came home THRILLED about an event that a lady at the school was doing.
She was going to the tidepools in Pescadero to teach the kids about the different water animals.
She told us it was in Santa Cruz and until we got in the car and were given the directions that's where we thought we were going too. LOL
I love Pescadero. It's close to Half Moon Bay. It's such a beautiful area!!!
My little Sierra is a nature girl so she couldn't wait for Saturday to come so we could head out!
Paul and I took her and let her be free (kinda we were there with her) but let her get wet and do whatever she wanted and let me tell you, that girl was so happy!!!
She caught crabs, fish, star fish, and more!!
Here are some of the pictures of the day.

Love this little one!!! She always makes me smile!!


JessiW said...

Beautiful pics! Glad she had so much fun:)

Brianne N. said...

Looks like you ALL had an amazing time! So awesome that she is a nature girl; my son is as well! Great shots!! Will look amazing on anything you create with them!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

I love being by the water! Doesn't it just ground you!!!! Love it.

Elisa K said...

Wow she is growing up... Love all the photos.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!!!