Monday, May 03, 2010

Punky Sprouts meets Jillibean Soup

The other day I got a wonderful package from Jill from Jillibean Soup!!
I absolutely fell in love with each and every piece of paper and embellishment that was in that package. I created most of this fun book at a National Scrapbook Day event that I was at and the rest I did at home.
I called it Moments that took my breath away and put pictures that I love a lot in it. I used the Savvy album by Punky Sprouts
Hope you like it.

Thanks for looking!!
Hugs, Suzy West


Jamie Lane said...

Hmm, those two should meet up again! I really like the papers with your work!

Doreen said...

Do you know if Canvas Concepts is still in business? I am looking for the 4" x 8" canvas they make, and am coming up with nothing. Thought you might know.
Doreen Hill

Suzy West said...

Hey there Doreen,
Yes, they are. I'm not sure of their new number but you can probably find them online. :)

Robin said...

Absolutely adorable!! Great work!

Imaginative Me said...

What an adorable book! Gorgeous elements! I love these little books, I've just never taken a stab at them before!