Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hanging with my homies!! :)

Can't get any better than that!
Last night a lot of us got together at Scrapbook Territory (awesome store) and scrapped (me-kitted for classes) and had a great time!!
I was so excited to hang out with these girls!!! They are such amazing gals and amazing scrappers!!

Kristi and Michelle
Hugging on my girl Nikki!!
This may look crazy but seriously when we are together, this is normal! LOL

Check us out!!! So lovely! LOL

My *SUNSHINE* Patti!!!

Love me some Diana!!!!
My "sister" Daniela. LOVE this picture!!!
You so crazy girl! LOL

Can't wait to hang out with you girls again!!
Saturday, May 29th--Art Life Event (Daniela's event)
Saturday, June 12th--Opening day of Art Inspired (Diana & Patti's event)
I'll be at BOTH events!!!!

Hugs, Suzy West


Michelle said...

I love these photos! Thanks for sharing! I had a blast last night with you.

Amy Muffoletto said...

Looks like a fun night... I got to scrap with my girls this weekend, too. You rock this scrappy world. Hugs,Amy