Thursday, April 01, 2010

Confessions of a teenage hottie!

The other day I decided to work with the NEW Punky Sprouts mini album. I looked at the pictures of my niece and new exactly what papers I wanted to use. They were the new ones from American Crafts that were given to me to play with.
I thought hard about the title and asked several friends and all were good but I looked at the pictures again and came up with this one. LOL
I love how this book came out. It was the first time I played with it and couldn't put it down. It has several pages but it actually didn't take me long to do.
I did part of it at a crop that I went to and then went home and finished it.
The book is from Punky Sprouts and the paper are American Crafts.

Thanks for looking!!
Hugs, Suzy West


Jamie Lane said...

Okay, we need to turn your handwriting into a font! Great album, such a cute theme!

Kimmy said...

Good Morning:
Its YFS! No new post yet but wanted to let you know I was here!
Hee Hee

GottaScrapChick said...

That is adorable!