Saturday, March 27, 2010

In love with Nature

Last week my parents were raving about a part of Coyote Hills park that I haven't been to in years! It's so close to my house and yet, I never go there to enjoy the beauty of the hills, flowers, and scenery. My mom insisted we go on Sunday and so everyone met up and off we went on our little hike. It was so beautiful!!
The kids had fun looking for lady bugs and holding their "walking sticks". I enjoyed being with the family in such a pretty place. As usual, I brought my camera and captured these pictures.
I love them all but I especially love the one of my grandson and Sierra together under the I love you sign that we found. I also love the picture of my mom walking with the kids.
I'm going to blow up one for my mom in color.
Which one do you think I should give her?
Going back tomorrow. Can't wait!!

Have a great day!!
Hugs, Suzy West


GottaScrapChick said...

I like the 2 kids together with the I LOVE YOU sweet!

Trish Pulido said...

I love the I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! The I love You captures and says so much!

Susan said...

Love your pictures!

Suzy West said...


sarah said...

you guys are so cute! :) so family oriented. :)