Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Happy 21st birthday ANGEL!!!

When your kids are little you always joke around about how your kids are going to be when they grow up. I remember doing that a lot. Today was a huge eye baby is seriously grown up. Well actually she's been grown up for a while but she's grown up grown up now that she's 21.
Her dad and I invited her to go to lunch today and as she parked her car and got out, my heart skipped a beat as I remembered the day she was born.
I surprised her by bringing scrapbooks of when she was younger.
She laughed and smiled as she recalled those moments.
Angel has brought me so much joy. She was always such a good baby and as she got older I saw that I was going to be in big trouble. She started getting more beautiful everyday.
She's always been beautiful on the outside but it's the beauty within that I'm so proud of.
She's not only a great wife but an amazing mother and I love her more than words can say.
She and I have always done a lot together and I treasure all our girl time. She's not only my daughter, she's my best friend.
Angel I love you so much!!
Happy birthday!!!!


Angel said...

Happy Birthday Angel! Enjoy your day and spoil yourself!!! YOU deserve it!!! Love you all MUCH!

Sonda T said...

Happy Birthday!

madretz said...

Hurray for Angel and congrats to you too, Suzy, for 21 years ago! It's fun to see the two of you together, the most admirable mother/daughter relations I've seen.

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday Angel :-)

Michelle said...

Hope you have a Happy 21st Birthday Angel.

jo said...

Happy Birthday Angel! :)