Monday, March 08, 2010

Carlos + Jazzy = true love!

I'm going to start out by being honest. When I first met Jazzy I wasn't a big fan of hers. She was quiet and always in Carlos's room and I felt as if she didn't fit in with our family.
Let me tell you, getting to know this girl has been such a sweet thing for me. I have come to absolutely love her!!! She's probably the best thing that has ever happened to my brother.
Oh crap, getting emotional again. LOL It's true though. I love this girl and would LOVE for her and Carlos to get married!(hint hint already people).
The way she is with my brother is so awesome. Half the time I need to tell them to get a room, LOL but really, they are adorable!! Carlos loves her! I have never seen him like this before.
So get married already and have some kids!! You know I want more babies in the family!!
Love you both!
these are just a couple of pictures I took of them the other day while they were in her parents store. They are so cute!!

These are some pictures that I took of Jazzy a couple of weeks ago.
She's so beautiful!