Thursday, January 22, 2009

So many little time

Okay ready for some updates? I got a bunch of them. LOL

I've been working non-stop getting ready for CHA! Seriously...non-stop! My design team ROCKED their stuff!! I am so proud of them!!!
THank you to Gretchen, Norma, Danielle, Emily, Tanisha, Erin, and my extra helpers Pattie, Rocio, and krista! YOU GALS ROCK!

I will be gone from Saturday at 5am to Wednesday night!! I am so going to miss my family and friends! I'll be super busy so hopefully it goes by pretty fast!
As part of my payment for all my work, they are sending Erin and I to DISNEYLAND!! Sweet!!! I can't wait to go!!!

So here's a funny! Guess who will also be at CHA? Paris Hilton! Yes, the girl that doesn't wear underwear! Why? Because she has a new product line coming out! As much as I think she's a hootchie mama...I can't wait to see her line. I'll let you know what the scoop is when I get back! LOL

alright...non CHA stuff. My girlfriend Kristin Young is moving! FAR! I am sooo sad about it. I love me some Kristin so it's going to be hard not seeing her and having her work displayed in my store. LOVE YA GIRL!

Angel told me the other day that she had been thinking about what she wants to do with her life....she has decided that she wants to be a clothing designer. I'm excited about her future! She's going to have to work hard but I know she'll do good! She has a loving husband, two beautiful kids, and an entire family that will support her 100%!! You go girl!!

I want to tell my husband how much I love him!!! I don't say that very often. I don't really blog about him much...he's pretty boring (sorry honey but you know it's true!LOL)...but he's the best husband! He is an amazing dad and he takes care of me like noone else could ever do! I love you Paul with all my heart!

I am on a search for a new Garage Girl at our store!! I am getting a lot of submissions! I'm really excited about picking one OR two!! :)

Tonight, I spent a lot of time with my kiddos. They are so wonderful! I told them I was leaving for my trip and they were sad but at the same time they get so excited for me. They are so happy to see me be successful at something! I love them so much!
My whole family is so supportive! I'm a very lucky girl!

I want to tell my amazing friend Erin how much I love her!! She's so amazing! I am so lucky to have her as my friend!! We say I love you right before we get off the phone! I am so lucky to have her as my "special" friend!LOL

I also want to tell my girl Rocio...(the sister I never had) how much I love her too! We spend a lot of time together and we understand each other so well!! I love ya girl!

Happy birthday to my darling niece Ashleigh!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Alrighty...I think that's everything! I told you I had a lot of updates. LOL
Suzy West grandsons are sooooo freaking ADORABLE!!!!


erin said...

right back at you, my dear suzy!
i love you so much:)

Belabrava said...

Paris Hilton at Cha, that's going to be something!
I am glad that good things are happening in your life!