Thursday, November 13, 2008

Going nuts because...

I haven't seen Tristan and Tanner in TWO days! I've been so busy at work and everything else that I haven't had time to visit them. Have I mentioned that I'm going nuts? Oh yeah, the title says it all.

Okay so I have huge news!!!! Helen and I(mostly Helen) have been working really hard to get the new lines ready for CHA!! OMG, let me tell you....they are going to KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!! No joke...soooo rockin'!!! me loves!!!!

Sad, that Jared isn't my rep anymore for American Crafts! I love this guy!!! He comes from Utah to visit the store and I just love him!!! more...super sad!! Will miss you homie!

Heading to Ikea...we have the BIG EVENT this weekend and I have a thousand and one things to do before it starts...tomorrow! YIKES!!!

I just started working out with Rocio!!!! We are meeting with our trainor next week. so excited!!! Monday, Tuesdays, and Thursday! I'm crazy!!!

My calendar looks crazy. I have so much going on! It's nuts!!!

Alright....I think that's it! Thanks for visiting my blog!!!
Suzy West


erin said...

awe sweetums, we're already NUTS LOL!
love you girl!

Marie said...

Dude your blog posts make my head spin! You always have so much going on! You go you energizer bunny you!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

my gosh...i am exhausted just reading this :)