Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting back into the swing of things...

So I'm back at work. I came in this morning and I was so confused! Didn't know what the heck I had to do. LOL It's called total lack of sleep! I can only imagine what Angel and Christian are feeling right about now. It' so worth it, my grandson is so freaking adorable I can eat him up!
I know I was sooooo off when Kent called to tell me about these cute things she was getting for the make n' take night at the store. Ummmm it took me about 10 minutes to get what she was saying. LOL
Anyway, as usual I'm having a busy week.
Monday--I was with Angel. Came home, took a 1 hour nap, got ready, picked up Sierra from school, went back to be with Angel.
Tuesday--I'm back at work making a mess more than anything. I'm meeting with Helen from My Litttle Shoe box to discuss our new lines (EXCITING), and then a class with Erin tonight.
Wednesday--I'll be working and we have a crop until 10pm. Primetime croppers are doing a feast!
Thursday--working and Paul works late so it's my turn to feed the kiddos! Scary!
Friday--Working, make n' take night, and then we are setting up for the BIG EVENT!
Saturday--world revolves around THE BIG EVENT
Sunday--World revolves around THE BIG EVENT

So that's the scoop!!! Did I mention that my grandson is adorable? I just love him to pieces. My little Tanner was so thrilled to take him home. Angel said he was clapping when they put little T in the car seat. I LOVE IT!!!!

Can't wait to scrap pictures of my little baby!


Mary Ann said...

He is beautiful Suzy!!
Congrats to you and the whole family!!!!