Friday, November 07, 2008

Feeling LUCKY to have such an amazing family!

I've been very lucky all my life to be raised by two beautiful souls that I can call my parents.
My mom is this sweet woman that has spent her life dedicated to her family. It is the most important thing to her. She is such an amazing example who I have learned so much from.
My dad...OMG, he's freaking my ROCK! There is no man on this earth that can top my daddy!

Since Christian has become part of our family, he is always wanting to do FAMILY things and it's sooooo awesome to see that. He and Angel have this amazing relationship and they are such great parents to Tanner. It's my wish that my grandchildren will feel the same way about them as I feel about my parents.

I love my family so much and this entire week I have wanted to spend as much time with them as I can. My grandson Tanner is about to have his little world change and our goal is to make sure he feels just as important and loved when the baby comes as he feels now.

This Monday is a big day for our family. It's going to grow and I love that!!
More love to go around.


Laurie said...

You are so blessed! You have such a beautiful family and you are a beautiful caring friend. Thanks! I can't wait to meet Tristan! Enjoy your time with your family and enjoy that new little arrival!

emelyn said...

oh Suzy!! I totally know how you feel! It's all about family and I love family time!! You are surely blessed to have a great one!