Friday, October 17, 2008

Her last day...

Today is Angel's last day at work! We've been working together for such a long time and I'm going to miss being with her. She's decided to be a stay at home mom and I'm sooooo proud of her but boy I look forward to seeing her come through those doors and her, "Hi Mom" when she comes in and her "I love you" when she leaves.

So today I'm super emotional! My not cry today....well after this post.

Here's a layout I did of Angel and Christian last week.


Laurie said...

No crying girlie! What a wonderful thing for her to be a SAHM! You have so much to be proud of, she is a wonderful daughter, person, wife and mommy! I am going to miss seeing her in the store all the time, but oh, you just done good raising her! Beautiful inside and and out! Sending hugs to you!

emelyn said...

Wahh...Angel is such a great Mommy and that layout fits her perfectly.