Thursday, October 23, 2008


where was I??? Standing in a crazy line in front of the City Hall court house. WHY?
Because I got tickets and completely forgot to appear when I was supposed to and so my licensce was suspended!! DUDE, I'm such a criminal!
I am not sure if you guys head the original story, in case you didn't. here it is.
So okay...I don't read crap and I am a frosted flake so this is what happened. I haven't gotten a ticket in over 100 years so I don't know about court house stuff. I went in to pay it and the clerk said, "don't pay this, instead come to court and maybe they will reduce it."
Me: "Okay when do I come in? What's the date?"
clerk: "there are NO dates until NEXT YEAR" --all due to the abundance of tickets people are getting here. SHHEESSH! Oh yeah that's me too. LOL
ME: " So what do I do?"
clerk: "You need to be here either Tuesday or Thursdays and line up. they will take the first 50 people (now it's 75). You will then go before the judge.

NOTE----------so OMG people line up at freaking 1 am! that's insane. Didn't know that at THAT time.
I went in one day around 6:45-7am and I soooo was given the boot because I wasn't one of the first 75 people.
So here's where it goes bad.
I forgot to go back. Went on different trips. Lost my brain. Forgot.

So bottom line...went yesterday to pay for my tickets. They were going to come out to be over $1,300.00. The clerk says, "Please don't pay this. Instead make a sacrifice and come early and go before the judge." We get into a big conversation about how early.

I go there this morning...early. I'm number 29. I see the judge. I get my licensce back. tickets are reduced a TON . Going to traffic school. Eveything is done.

Thanks to the girls on SIS who chatted with me early in the morning while I was in line next to Pimp daddy and poncho man.


ps. this was written very fast so it will make less sence than my usual posts. LOL


Marie said...

Girl u crack me up!