Thursday, September 11, 2008

updates on Sierra

So it's been a pretty crazy week with the West family.
As you know Sierra hurt her arm. Well yesterday I got up early to take Sierra to the dr.'s. They were going to put a cast on her arm.
We got in the car and we were talking and she says, "Mommy, I think I'm going to throw up". I look back at her and she was YELLOW. Her skin starts turning yellow quite often because she has hereditary spherocytosis . Most of the time she's okay, but there have been times when it's NOT, and this was one of them. I looked at her and her eyes were looking really droopy, which I immediately knew she was about to pass out.
I get her out of the car and we take a few steps and sure enough, she got sick and her body got heavy because she was ready to pass out.
I got her in the dr.'s office and tell the receptionist that we have an appointment for one thing but need to see a dr. NOW because of what was going on and what she has. She took one look at her and knew she was in bad shape. She asks me to stand to the side for a second. On a loud speaker I hear, "We have a CODE 5 in the lobby" and almost immediately we had EVERY pediatrician and nurse flying out the doors. Scared the daylights out of me.
They take her to the back and Sierra was shaking really heavily and was looking really bad.
They did blood work and stayed with her til' she was feeling better. She was there for a while. She is all better now but boy did she scare me! The last time she was like this she was about to get a blood transfusion.
Please keep her in your prayers.
Big hugs,
Suzy West


erin said...

love, hugs and prayers go out to you and lil miss sierra!

Jennifer N. said...

Golly! Poor Sierra and poor mom! I hope that Sierra is feeling better soon.

Maripi said...

Oh Suzt, I will keep her in my prayers and all of you as well.