Sunday, September 07, 2008

So you know your losing it when...

you totally space out and don't realize until...
two days ago that you have TWO HUGE TRIPS that you are going on a week from one another.
So I knew that I was leaving for Brazil in a week. What I didn't realize was that my trip in October was just...well...a week after I get back! I'm teaching in Orlando as well. This is madness!! I guess I better get to work on the next projects!LOL
So here's the scoop:

I'll be in Brazil from the 15th-24th---teaching at the expo being held in Sao Paulo and then traveling to Rio to teach there.

Exactly a week later I'll be in Orlando with Erin teaching at the Fred Hill/Sue Gilman Show. While there, we are going to Disney World!! I can't wait!!!!

I believe we are going to Ohio in November for another filming of Scrapbook Memories TV.

In January we are going to CHA, Anaheim.

Oh and Rocio and I are booking a CRUISE to Mexico in February for my birthday!!!

So it's a good thing I'm not traveling as much anymore! LOL


erin said...

omgosh, you crack me up girlie!
we'll all be praying monday!
love you.

Veronica Starr said...

wow girl, you are BUSY!!!
just popped in to say Hello ;)

hollystar said...

nuts. i hope you're a good packer.

good luck

amytangerine said...

umm, i will go to brazil with you. oh wait, did you invite me? ok, well i could settle for orlando too.

your schedule sounds crazy, kinda like mine.

Sassy Sasha said...

Schedules do get crazy dont they .. imagine having to do a 4 country hop LOL .. girl Brazil is beautiful .. so make sure you enjoy it .. have fun .. and oh you gonna hit up Universal Studios while you there??


Beatriz said...

Hi Suzy. Just read you'll be teaching here in Sao Paulo - i've been on a tight schedule and so sorry to miss yr classes (i'm sure they're are sold out by now!).
I've got yr "SB on the Wall", one of the reasons I've got hooked to canvas-playing and other hangable stuff...;o)
Have a nice, safe trip, and if you need any further help (despite the 6-star service I know you will get), just get in touch. no trouble at all and the trade center is walking distance from my place.