Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Filled with so many emotions because...

my two little pumpkins went back to school today.
Jeremy started High School this morning. Yes, HIGH SCHOOL!! I am officially a dinosaur. Wait, I turned into a dinosaur when I became a grandma. I'm officially older than the dirt that the dinosaurs walked on.
This little beauty (as my dad calls her..okay just made my heart full thinking of my daddy)
started 2nd grade. She was more than thrilled and actually wanted pictures. LOL
She is in class with a lot of her friends so she is HAPPY!!! She also has TWO teachers!! Yup, two. So thrilled she's in that class.

Have a wonderful day!!

Suzy West


emelyn said...

Yeah!! They are both so adorable..and Sierra...2nd GRADE, Jeremy HIGH SCHOOL!!! Man, time is flying!

erin said...

so so adorable! and jeremy is so handsome!
happy day dino lady LOL. join the club!

Norma Kennedy said...

Look at your Sweet, Adorable kids !