Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Christian's back and someone's happy!

So as many of you know, Christian went to Guam to attend the funeral of his grandfather. He was very close to him since he and his grandma raised him. While he was away, Angel was so depressed. She couldn't sleep at night an she felt really lonely with out him.
Yesterday, Christian came home. He was on BART and Angel was waiting for him. While waiting she was on the phone with me and I could here the anxiety in her voice. The moment she saw him the words, " I see him" came out of her mouth. The tone of her voice changed so much and she immediately hung up with me. I saw her a few hours later and she was GLOWING with happiness. The three of them were. They looked so happy!!!
I grabbed my camera and took these pictures of Angel and Christian.


Danielle said...

Your daughter is beautiful, Suzy! They look so happy!

LoRi said...

Those pictures are beautiful, Suzy. I'm sure they will treasure them! Your daughter looks great, when is the baby due?

Anabelle said...

They are so sweet. What a cute couple. How exciting about the baby!

Leslie Ashe said...

She is gorgeous!! Love the photo's!! Exciting news about that new baby to be!!