Thursday, September 18, 2008

Checking in from Brazil

HI there everyone. I am checking in from beautiful Brazil. I have been staying at this beautiful hotel with amazing food in Sao Paulo. It is one of the largest cities I have ever seen.
The people are very beautiful here. the woman are tall and thin with these great butts and the men are freaking hot!!! LOL
anyway, I am having a great time and they are treating me very well.
I will try to post more later. I have a lot of stories.


by-k said...

Here is Marisa,let´s have lunch tomorrow!So nice to meet you!So kind !
Remember "fita banana"!!!

Memory Lane - Maine said...

Hi Suzy! Enjoy your trip. I'll be anxious to see photos and to hear all about it!


Maripi said...

Hey Suzy enjoy your trip. We will miss you at the anniversary crop this week end.

Take Care

Fabiana said...

Hi there! It was great meeting you and I hope you enjoy Brazil. I'm sure you'll like Rio better than São Paulo, because of the natural beauty. I'm afraid I can't make it to San Francisco in November but if you keep me posted I might come to the next one. Do you have plans for it already?
Take care!

Vânia Abrantes said...

It was great meating you! Kisses... Vânia Abrantes!!!