Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"I'm warning you Suzy......"

"I'm going to take off your phone". Those are the words that came out of Paul's mouth the other day. WHY???
Because I've been baadddddddddddddddddddddddddd! I use my cell phone so much that I go over every month.
Well he warned me and warned me that he was going to take it off a few months ago and he finally did! Just because I went over 3,000 minutes. I'm sure I had important things to talk about.
"Erin....what ya doing?"
"Rocio do you want to go to La Fondue?"
"random stranger....why is the sky so blue?"
Well it was off and he didn't put it on for a while. The girls would laugh at me because I was having serious withdrawls.
So I need to watch my phone usage. It's getting out of control again.
The funny thing is...that I actually don't like using the phone. Isn't that wierd? The only time I like to be on it is when I use the cell phone. It's like it's calling out my name in a sweet intoxicating voice and I pick it up with love. my precious
Regular phones? don't like them but oh well. I need to use them more. So everyone that calls me on my cell a sister me at work. LOL
Have a good one.


Norma Kennedy said...

hehhe I hear you girl... ours are off right now too. We are trying to see how long we can go with out them. We decided to do this since we saw that pop corn video (where the cell phones cause popcorn to pop) than we just found out it was de-bunked oh well.... it is hard hang in there ! smoooches

Laurie said...

hehehehe! I just got a warning yesterday too, but not about my phone! LOL!!!

Suzy West said...

ooooh I know what your warning is Laurie! LOL

emelyn said...

hey how about mobile to mobile....who's your carrier?? can you switch?

Maripi said...

OMG Suzy ... Tell Paul to just get a better plan with more minutes. (heh heh)

erin said...

warning? what warning? LOL