Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Not 1...not 2...not 3...but FOUR tickets!

Dang I'm screwed!! LOL Okay so I haven't got a ticket for the LONGEST time!! I'm talking super long time. I've been pulled over several times in those years but I've talked my way out of them.
So how do I talk myself out of a freakin' camera???? Oh yeah, I can't!! Dang it! I didn't even know the camera was there.
So here's the story:

I have things going on all the time, so I'm on the phone ALL the time. Well even if I don't have something going on, I half to call Erin to tell her I saw a tree. LOL
anyway, I was turning right on central and didn't stop...four times...in four weeks....so I got four tickets. Didn't know this, because I didnt' see the camera.

I got the first ticket....I found out because Paul called me...having a COW! I told him I thought it was a mistake. He told me to go online to watch myself driving.

I could NOT stop laughing....there's the video of me yapping away like a canary...I get to central and don't stop...not even a little! I just fly through there.

Next week...another ticket...not so funny...I see the video, Copy and paste the sentence above to know what I was doing.

The third ticket....(copy paste story...again) and now I'm freaking! Paul needs therapy over this.

Fourth...yeah....I am in TROUBLE!!!! Paul is coming home....so not happy. Crap, I better be nice...maybe I should make him his favorite meal...crap, I don't cook and don't have time to try to learn. I'll take him out. He comes home. Drops the ticket on the bed and walks out of the room. yeah...I'm screwed!

So I didn't realize not to do that until I had gotten all the tickets. Yeah, I know. I should have stopped. Now, I won't even drive down Central. It scares me. LOL
I DO stop at all or almost all of the stop signs. I'm trying and think I'm doing a lot better.

oh....and I'm going to see the judge over them. Let's see if I can reduce the amount I have to pay.
Here's to hoping.



erin said...

oh my GOSH! they are after you. be careful!

cheerful cropper said...

omg! good luck talking your way out of FOUR tickets!!
where on central? i am SO avoiding it!

Suzy West said...

Mowry and central girlie. The bad zone. LOL

emelyn said...

Ugh!! That is so scary, is that the one by Sizzler? That IS the BAD ZONE!!

kerry lynn said...

seriously suzy??!?
only you.

Laurie said...

OMG girlie! Yeah, you are screwed! You better come up with something good for Paul....going out my not be the best idea...that costs money!!!LOL!!! Good luck on talking your fines down! Oh yeah, stay off the phone...you can get a ticket for that now too! LOL! Hugs to you!
OH yeah, you should have posted the video! LOL!

Satyn Blu said...

You may want to mention TRAFFIC SCHOOL!!! It may not be fun but it will lower the fines!!

mesogoofy2 said...

You're too much Suzy! LoL!
Mine was on Paseo and Fremont Boulevard. I just got a picture of me sent in the mail, now they video tape? That's CRAZY!!! I didn't realize Fremont was so high tech!?! I definitely think this is one for the scrapbooks LoL!

Jenn lanza

Ginny said...

Oh my, if that didn't suck so much it would be funny. Good luck at court, that should be interesting. Especially with the video evidence, that is tough. ugh

jo said...

Holy smokes! 4 tickets at the same intersection? That's INSANE!

Poor Paul. Yes, he deserves a good dinner. You better bust out the cookbooks! *lol*