Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lots of stuff...

The American Idol concert ROCKED!!! I had such a great time with Rocio! We didnt' take pictures because neither of us brought cameras. Can you freakin' believe it?

The Davids and Michael Johns were my favorites!! WOWSERS were they good!! I screamed like a crazy school girl!! LOL
Syesha sounded spectacular! One of her songs was, Listen by Beyonce and WOW! She worked it!Jason was so stinkin' adorable and sounded really good!
I loved Brooke! Didn't forget the lyrics and she was great!
Carly was like WOW! What a voice.
Kristy was good. I loved it when she sang, "God bless the USA".
Chikezi sounded awesome but I didn't like his song choices.
Ramiele was my least favorite but she has a good voice.

Can't wait for the next season to start!

I'm excited for My Little Shoebox!! We have been preparing for CHA for a while now. We leave for Chicago next week. I am sooooo not looking forward to the weather. We have a lot of new stuff coming out. Including...

We are getting ready for the Garage Sale this weekend. Lots of our customers are going to be selling new and used items. It's going to be wild!

If you are in the area, it's this Saturday and Sunday. 12pm-2pm both days. It's free. Cash only.

I think that's everything. Have a great weekend!!!

Hugs, Suzy


erin said...

i shall miss you my sweet lil kumquat next week! but we shall be reunited shortly thereafter!
cha will rock with what you and helen have cookin!
happy wed!!!

erin said...

or happy thursday! LOL