Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Little boy blue

My son is 14. What does he want to do? Play video games...like all the time. Does he want to go out with friends? Do anything fun? Nope, he wants to play games.
So mommy got a little upset and took the game away.
Son was very sad and mad. Mommy thought tooo bad.
Son was so upset he didn't want to talk to mommy all day.
Mommy called her son up and sweetly said, "You better chill or you can say good bye to your games forever"
Son got over it fast and is now talking to mommy but is still upset. Mommy doesn't care because she wants son to have a life.
Son is grounded from games for a week.
If daddy is reading this...give son our game back before the week is over...(said in a sweet voice) you will be sleeping on the couch. :) Love ya.
Okay mommy is going back to work now.


Laurie said...

LOL! You are too funny girlie! Love that little not to hubby!

Norma Kennedy said...

hehehe when your down grounding yours over there can you head over here and take care of my 2 - lol !