Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is it true? We lose it more and more everytime we have a child???

If this is true, I must have about 25 kids hidden somewhere. I'm not joking, lately I feel like I'm losing my mind. We are extremely busy with work, lots of classes, kid stuff, Brazil things, and more. I can't remember what I ate in the morning and I even checked yesterday to see if I actually put on underwear.
Seriously, Suzy needs a little vacation from having to use her brain. It needs to be working on overdrive and instead it has an "elvis has left the building" sign on it.
Anyone else feeling this way lately? if so, can I hear an Amen! LOL
Have a great day!


erin said...

ok you totally crack me up, cause the other day you asked me, "erin, when did you lose your mind?" i answered, and didn't think anything of it. MOST people in my bubble world wouldn't notice anything either. however, the fact that you asked me when i lost my mind and i didn't even hesitate when answering shows you how much i HAVE lost it~ LOL.

erin said...

oh, and in case you didnt' hear it in my post, there is a very loud AMEN in there!!! LOL

Norma Kennedy said...

Amen Chika..... wish I could be there to help ! Smooches , hope today is better !!!!!!