Saturday, June 07, 2008

Our Constant Craziness

I have no idea how it happens but it does. Erin and I get together and we are instantly CRAZY! I swear we need help! LOL Anyway, this night of crazy we were having our girls night out. I (HEART) these nights! We met up at Santana Row and ate at a yummy restaurant. We then had our after hour appointment with Lather. This place R.O.C.KS! If you haven't been there before, GO and I mean now! They spoil you rotten and have the best products I've ever put on my body.
Anyway, Janice and Erin had gone a few weeks before and they couldn't stop talking about it so they set up an appointment for us to go.
We had a BLAST! Here are some of the pictures of our little adventure.
Warning, not for the weak of heart. LOL

Janice, Rocio, and I waiting for the rest of the girls.

Erin and I in Lather.

All the girls together!! I LOVE IT!!

Erin gettting "lathered" up

Erin...well being Erin! LOL

ummmm....yeah you were warned
Remember? Not for the weak of heart? LOL Yes, I know, we are super crazy
All of us lathered like crazy! I was the first one to get my mask on, by the time I got it taken off, it became part of my face. LOL
I love you girls!! Can't wait for our next adventure.
Hugs, Suzy


Aimee said...

wayyyy too much having of fun going on...

*kim* said...

looks like a total blast!

I've gotta start checking your blog more - you always crack me up.

NancyJones said...

loooks like yall had way too much fun!

erin said...

omgosh, i've been waiting for these photos!!!
angel, ANGEL [in my best tanner-like voice]!!! LOL
love you girl!