Sunday, June 29, 2008

My weekend with Becky Fleck and the gang

I dropped Becky off at the airport this morning at 5am. The poor gal got in the car and was EXHAUSTED from one of the most CRAZY nights ever! We laughed soooooo freaking much that I had to warn the girls to stop for a moment as I was worried I would crash!LOL
It was Erin (enough said), Rocio, Janice, Pattie, Becky, and I.
We had been at the store all day working, playing, teaching, etc and went to Pier 39 when the store closed.
Okay so I parked right by Pier 39 and walked all the way up to Giradelli Square. For what? ICE CREAM!! We laughed (Erin and I SNORTED) soooo hard getting me and my crazy knee up there. We laughed(snorted) over ice cream, we laughed(snorted) over Jersey cows, we laughed(snorted) over Erin's shoes, we laughed(snorted) over EVERYTHING. I swear you could have said the word PLATE and we would have cracked up like maniacs.
Anyway, poor Becky had to deal with our insanity....but by the end of the night.....and I laugh just thinking of this....BECKY SNORTED TOO!LOL
OMG I will never forget Saturday night. As I told Becky this morning on the way to the airport, I am so lucky to have friends that I can have soooo much fun with that I go home in pain from laughing so much!!!!
Becky thanks for being such an awesome person and laughing with us til' YOUR stomache and jaw hurt! SNORT


erin said...

LOL hee hee snort snort!
hey- are you the one from jersey???
got cheese?
cottage cheese that is? LOL

Kent said...

And now you know why Becky leaves in Montana! To get some peace and quiet!! Sounds like you had fun!

~divian said...

I am living through you! So glad you had a fabulous time and laughed!!

Now, as late as it is I want icecream! :)

emelyn said...

Looks like so much FUN!!

fleckster said...

Suzy, my face STILL aches from laughing! :) Can't help but giggle when I think of Oprah and Elk. Erin, how's the cottage cheese diet coming along? *snort*

Thank you for a FABULOUS weekend!