Monday, June 09, 2008

My little Dancer

Yesterday, Sierra had her first recital. She had such a great time!
I thought she might be afraid because she had never been on stage before but sooooo not, my girlie did an awesome job!! We were all so proud of her.
These photos are awful because there was no flash photography and this guy sat right in front of me when I started to take these pictures.
Sierra is the little one in the middle. She's the youngest one in the group.

We got their photos back and it came out so stinkin' cute!! She wants to continue to do hip hop. We are going to add Tap and maybe ballet.

I love you sweetie!


Michele said...

Awww, she's so tiny and cute! I love the last photo! That came out precious!

emelyn said...

aww...WTG, Sierra!! You are super cute....get down with your bad self, girlfriend!! Woohoo!!

Amy said...

I suppose we will see some cute scrapbooking photos layouts from this concert in the near future ;-)

PetiteCheri said...

She is a pint sized cutie! I love the last picture of her by herself.

Ginny said...

How adorable! Love to see little dancers :) Ballet is really good foundation for dance, if she likes the class I'd recommend putting her in. It makes all the other classes that much easier.