Monday, May 12, 2008

Doing better...

It's been a little over three days since I had my surgery. I went in on Thursday around 3pm to fill out paperwork and went into the surgery room around 5:30pm.
The last thing I remember is that they were strapping my arms down. I totally don't even remember them saying anything like, "count backwards" or "we are going to give you some___" NOTHING. I remember waking up saying, "are you going to do the surgery?" and the nurse looked at me and said, "we are done sweetie!"
It took me a while to wake up from the meds. I went to my parents house to relax and sleep. I was sooo out of it until around Friday evening.
My knee is doing better. It's not hurting as much but I'm scared of what's to come.
I learned after surgery that more than half my knee is bad and that I'm going to need a new one. OUCH!! If this surgery hurts I can only imagine what the next surgery will be like. I'm so nervous just thinking of it.
My mom is a jewel! She helped me through the whole ordeal while Paul was with the kids. She cooked for me, helped me get up, put ice on my knee, gave me my meds, etc. My mother is such a blessing!
The kids were so sweet. They would come and hug me and tell me they love me.
Sierra made me about a hundred cards. LOL
Anyway, I'm doing better. This morning I'm going to work. I'm picking up Lonae. She's so sweet. She wants to come help me.
I'll let you know how it goes.
ps. thanks for all the sweet emails, prayers, and phone calls.


madretz said...

Dearest Suzy,
Wow, so glad to read your updates, been thinking of you this whole time. Very glad to hear that you're in such caring and loving hands, of course, that's exactly how I thought it would be, you've always shown how much family love you have for each other. While I think you're insane going back to work already, I'm glad to hear that you're ok enough to do so. Big hugs and kisses!

erin said...

love you suzy!!!
keeping you in our prayers, always!