Thursday, May 08, 2008

the cRaZiesT week of my LIFE!!!!

Okay so this post is going to be crazy. I should actually be resting right now but I'm in the mood to ramble.
So this should be a freaking movie...or maybe when you read this you can picture this in your mind.
Saturday---National Scrapbook Day. Having a blast. All day being crazy. Around 7pm my knee starts to hurt and so does my right eye and forehead.
By the end of the night...I can't walk. In massive pain. Go to the bathroom broke a ton of blood vessels in my right eye. OMG I look like a freak. We have to wear black, white, and red the next day. Tempted to put on a patch. I look at myself with my crutches. I look like a pirate. No patch. LOL
Sunday--National Scrapbook Day. Feeling like CRAP but excited to see everyone. Lots of craziness. Barely can walk. Eye and head killing me.
3pm--Pattie comes in and lasts all of 20 minutes because she has a gall bladder attack. Ends of up in the hospital. So it's Angel(pregnant and feeling crappy) and myself working.
I start getting worse and worse.
I last until 6pm and then realize I won't last another hour. I leave and go to the hospital too. LOL
Preggo is left by herself. Thankgoodness Erin, Janice, and Rocio step up to help. THanks girls!
That night Angel calls and the conversation goes like this:

Angel: "mom, tomorrow the store is going to be closed."
me: "but but but....I can come..."
Angel: "MOM! Tomorrow the store will be closed!"
me: "I'll rest and I'll be better for tomorrow"
Angel: Stop ticking me off. The store is closed. Good bye."

Monday the store is closed.

Tuesday I come in...and what seemed like slow motion...that I've been ROBBED!
I was on the phone with my good friend Jenn. She says that I said, "hmmm my register is register is missing...omg my register is missing!"
I looked towards the back and realize I see light, which means the back door is open.
the back door is NEVER open which means someone broke in.
I go back and the door is open, everything is all over the place (it looks like that all the time) and the safe is gone.
Jenn is still on the phone..."I've been robbed, I gotta go!" and hang up on her.

I call the police..they come and we find out that they have tried to rob many of the locations here.
The word "TRY" because these were the stupidest crooks ever!

They tried to rob the Gelato place and opened the empty lots next to them by mistake. So nothing.
They tried to rob Market broiler and get into one door but not the main door so they got nothing.
They got into my place but I'm sure almost 99% positive that they must have BIFFED it big time and fallen over all the crap that we had in the back. It was Bad! I had boxes, tables, chairs, and all kinds of crap. The thieves had to work hard to get the safe...that had absolutely NOTHING in it. It was brand new. So they got nothing.
They got my cash drawer that normally has zero in it but had $100.00 in it.
Soooo all that work and they got an empty safe, $100.00, and I'm sure a freaking head ache from climbing all over my crap back there.

Same day I have an MRI appointment that I can't miss. Remember this was Tuesday--two days ago.
Yesterday I went in for the results. I see my MRI. OHHHHHH it's bad!!!
Dr. Says...Your having surgery.....TOMORROW!
What the freak????

So I sit...hungry and thirsty since I can't eat anything and haven't eaten anything since last night.
normally---not hungry or to eat and drink anything. go figure.

In three hours---surgery.

wow, I've rambled. Not going to spell check or re-read...I'm sure it's crazy. If you've read through this whole craziness...yeah. wow!! You are sweet!!!

Have a great day!!!! I'm nervous but I'm actually in a very good mood and have been cracking up over everything going on.

I wanted to add a quick THANKS to my awesome friends who are always there to check on me...Linda, Erin, Janice, Rocio, Pattie, Carla, Satyn, Angel, Jenn, and all of my Picture Me Perfect girls!!

Have a good one!!


phin said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!

I hope everything gets better ASAP!!!

Thinking good thots for you and calm everywhere else!!!

- Linda

Amy said...

oh i hope you get better soon. so sorry to hear about the robbery.

erin said...

sending lots of prayers up that the surgery goes well. call me as soon as you can!!!
love you!

Diane B. said...

I hope you are feeling better, girl! So sorry to hear about the losers robbing your store. Your pirate patch post did make me laugh though. You are too funny. Hugs and a get well to ya!!!!

Debbie said...

so glad to hear they didn't get much. Hope your surgery goes well.

Marci Knecht said...

I don't even know how to comment! What a lousy week you had. I hope you're feeling better soon. Hang in there!