Monday, April 07, 2008

always busy

Wow, it seems like my time flies by so fast!!
Friday: work and crop until after midnight.
a. Laughing like crazy
b. more laughing
c. Nichole, Erin, and I almost pee'ing our pants

Saturday: work and then out with Sierra
a. at work by 8am
b. 30 second shopping spree contest--LOTS of people
c. work more
d. Angel's class until 6pm
e. Took Sierra to get a hair cut
f. Took Sierra to the pet store.
g. went home to watch a movie together. Lots of snuggling. She's so sweet!

Sunday: birthday parties, lunch, parks, and more
a. took Jeremy to a birthday party.
b. Took Sierra to lunch and to pick out a kite.
c. Went to the park and flew kites with Angel and her family.
d. blew bubbles until we were dizzy.
e. Went home to relax and watch a movie.

Monday: I'm at work blogging
a. Store will open soon. I need to move things around.
b. Going to La Fondue with Helen and all the girls that created for the tv show tonight.

If I told you all the stuff I had going on with this week you'd think I was crazy!LOL

Have a great day!!
Suzy West


erin said...

watcha mean? you ARE crazy, and u tell me to slow down LOL!